Listen to Podcasts in the Car with the Lepow Modre Bluetooth Speaker


“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing.”
-Thomas Jefferson

Podcasts and Audio Books

Last year, I discovered how truly amazing podcasts can be. If you aren’t familiar with the term, a “podcast” is an audio file that can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone. The format of podcasts is similar to radio shows in the sense that one or more people talk into a microphone about a topic, which can range from general discussion to specialized topics such as online business, health, fitness, self-improvement, and education. You can “subscribe” to different podcasts, which means that they will automatically download to your device or notify you when a new episode is released. Once downloaded, you don’t need an Internet connection to listen to them.

For iPhones and iPads, you can get started with podcasts by downloading the “Podcast” app in the App Store. On Android, you can download one of many Podcast apps.

Similarly, an audiobook is a book that is read and recorded by someone in audio form. You can get started with audiobooks by downloading them individually from iTunes or subscribing to a service like or

Driving to Work: A Waste of Time?

If you have a long drive to work, then you know how boring a commute can be. I quickly recognized that podcasts and audiobooks are the solution to a long and otherwise unproductive commute. Instead of vegging out while listening to typical morning radio shows or the same manufactured pop songs, I realized that I could learn something during this time.

But please don’t interpret my references to “learning” as being your typical, dull learning experiences. Far from it. Podcasts in particular can be fun and entertaining as well as informative. When thousands of people subscribe to a podcast, you know that it is high quality and entertaining.

If your car has a jack that allows you to easily connect your smartphone or audio device to your car stereo, then you are set. If it doesn’t, then keep reading.

Getting Audio in Your Car Without an Auxiliary Jack

If you’re like me, then your car doesn’t have an auxiliary jack. I have reviewed the three methods for listening to audio in your car, with my favorite being the Lepow® Bluetooth Speaker.


The first and most obvious way to listen to audio from your device in a car is through headphones. This is absolutely a horrendous idea and should be avoided at all costs. It goes without saying that wearing headphones while driving will limit your ability to hear things around you, which is incredibly important for driving safely. Regardless of whether wearing headphones while driving is legal in your jurisdiction, if you get in a car accident while wearing headphones, you’re going to have a bad time—I guarantee it. It can and will be used as evidence that you were negligent while operating your motor vehicle.

FM Transmitter

One safer alternative is an FM transmitter. This is a small device that transmits audio from your mp3 player or mobile device to your car radio on a specific channel. In theory, you just tune the transmitter and your car radio to the same station and your car radio will pick up the audio. In reality, the audio will likely be full of static and interference from other radio stations. Because radio signals change as you drive, there is a good chance that you will have to fiddle with the transmitter at different points during your commute. This is frustrating, dangerous, and from my experience, just not worth it. Avoid the FM Transmitter at all costs.

The Perfect Solution: Lepow® Modre Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Lepow Speaker

I recommend that you skip the hassle of an FM transmitter and purchase a small speaker for your car. I strongly recommend the Lepow® Modre Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This is a small yet powerful speaker that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or headphone jack. It ships in a plastic cup that doubles as a mount for the speaker when placed in a cup holder in your car. It’s also a clever way to disguise the speaker when you park your car to prevent theft. Here is a picture of my set up.

Car Speaker

The audio from this small speaker is simply amazing. The audio sounds excellent even at high speeds or with the windows down. I now listen to podcasts and audiobooks during every commute, and I no longer have to adjust the FM transmitter while driving.

I strongly encourage you to put your commute to good use by learning on-the-go. If you don’t have an auxiliary jack, then purchase the Lepow® Modre Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which is an incredible and low-cost investment.

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